CSIET conducts a wide range of advocacy and outreach programs to promote international youth exchange. CSIET members are playing an evermore powerful presence in policy debates that affect international youth exchange programs both at the national and local levels.


Working with several international exchange organizations, including the Alliance, CSIET is actively engaged in national policy debates that have an impact on the international youth exchange community. To learn more about CSIET advocacy and outreach efforts at the national/federal level click here.


Policies affecting international youth exchange programs have been increasingly decided at the state and local levels. Accordingly, CSIET has established the Local Action Network (LAN) Initiative to monitor and engage state and local policymakers on concerns of interest to CSIET members. To learn about CSIET advocacy and outreach efforts at the state/local level click here.

Membership Working Groups

Established in 2005 to promote strong relations between U.S. schools and the international youth exchange community, the mission of the Education Outreach Committee (EOC) is to create a more open environment in U.S. schools to enroll students from CSIET-Listed programs through outreach and educational activities.

EOC activities include the development of a Frequently Asked Questions resource for exchange programs on how to best to work with schools, an Administrators Guide for schools interested in youth exchange, and overseeing the Student Diplomat--a weekly online newsletter sharing positive stories about youth exchange. ​Meeting monthly via conference call are five CSIET exchange program members and three education representatives. The committee roster is found here.