Global Classroom Awards

2008 CSIET Global Classroom Award Recipients

The Council on Standards for International Educational Travel is proud to present the recipients of the 1st Annual Global Classroom Awards. This awards program recognizes far-sighted educators and generous high schools that are fundamental components of international exchange. Without the enthusiastic collaboration of schools, exchange could never have the life-changing impact it so often does.

These three award winning schools actively support international youth exchange and were selected based on their commitment to promoting global understanding and international education. These schools showed evidence of their creativity, enthusiasm and dedication in welcoming exchange students while encouraging their local students to study abroad. Each school has created a unique climate of support for exchange students through their desire to promote school-wide feelings of inclusiveness and global curiosity.

The winning schools will each receive a $500 scholarship for one of its students to study abroad or equivalent funds to be put toward increasing school-wide international awareness. The awards will be formally presented at the 1st Annual National School Conference on International Youth Exchange - February 28-29, 2008 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Below you will find an excerpt from each of their nominated essays.

C.D.Hylton Senior High School - Woodbridge, VA

C.D. Hylton High School, located in Woodbridge, Virginia, offers a specialty program in international studies and languages (CISL) which attracts students from across Prince William County. The goal of Hylton's CISL program is to foster global awareness for its students and community through a wide variety of academic and co-curricular activities. Each year Hylton's administration, faculty, parents and students work together to provide a welcoming atmosphere for foreign exchange students and to promote participation in study abroad programs. Click Here to Read the Full Length Essay

Metropolitan Learning Center Interdistrict Magnet School for Global and International Studies - Bloomfield, CT

In addition to virtual global experiences, the MLC prides itself on strong connections with international exchange programs that send students abroad and bring international students to the MLC. As of November 2007, 109 of 681 students at the MLC have participated in international exchange experiences in some way. As a Title One school serving economically disadvantaged students, the MLC actively seeks out grants and relies heavily on other funding sources to provide every student with the opportunity for international travel: a crucial component to the educational experience of all students at the MLC. Click Here to Read the Full Length Essay

Skaneateles High School - Skaneateles, NY

And there are the thousands of moments that come from living together day-by-day. The countries the students come from become more than far-off places on a map of the world for SHS students: they become places that house the people they love. Thailand is where Deer and Pop live. Venezuela is home to Andres. Italy is home to Alberto. These are friends who sang together in chorus; studied and laughed together in study hall, and held hands together as they jumped into Skaneateles Lake on graduation day. Click Here to Read the Full Length Essay