Announcement Detail

Evaluation of CSIET F-1 International Members Announcement

Announcement from CSIET Executive Director, Chris Page:

I write today to announce an important new initiative that CSIET and its Board of Directors believe will level expectations among international students, natural parents, host families/schools, U.S. based F-1 programs and foreign-based international partners.  Expectations across the international student recruiting and placement spectrum are in need of thorough alignment. Natural parents often expect their children to attend top U.S. universities, based on promises of admittance to top U.S. college preparatory schools. Foreign-based recruiters frequently have little or no connection to these schools, yet applications are made, scores reported, and interviews completed. As a result, international students are placed in schools and homes that provide substandard support.  In many cases, international students and natural parents are subject to questionable recruiting practices by international partners/agents/agencies that sometimes put profit before industry standards.  With no F-1 regulation in sight, the problem is likely to continue...