Advocacy & Donations

Please continue to support what we do by donating to our 2016 Annual Fund and/or the Host Family Tax Deduction Advocacy Effort.

CSIET is a small organization that supports its members and constituents in big ways. 

Our new 3-year Strategic Plan recognizes the rapidly growing international student exchange community, and we are leading the effort to guide this growth in a positive direction. Your contribution will directly affect our efforts.

In donating to CSIET, you can select one of two funds:

  • Annual Fund: Your dollars go to supporting our existing community with effective and efficient engagement, better information, and improved awareness regarding reputable international student exchange programs. Your contribution also helps us identify and promote high quality international educational travel and exchange programs and to improve overall program practices and student safety.  
  • Increase Host Family Tax Deduction Efforts: Recently, we've put forth an advocacy effort to increase the host family tax deduction from $50 a month to $400, a significant increase and an extraordinary boon to the J-1 high school program!  Now, we have a bill number! H.R. 4296.In September 2015, CSIET drew from its reserves to advance $30,000 on behalf of the high school exchange community to support this effort. While there will be a grassroots advocacy effort in 2016, CSIET still needs contributions to help bring this effort to a successful conclusion.