CSIET Annual Meeting - 2006


CSIETBoard Members Margie Eulner Ott (YFU-USA) and Gina Mazzolini (MHSAA) with Exhibitor John Ragland (Pangaea Int'l)

  Mari Maruyama and Mari Kim from
the Laurasian Institution

Gwen Vitzthum (CCI), Peg TenHoopen (CETUSA), Lisa Linnenkohl and Jan Read (Face the World Foundation)



Board Member, Larry Bradley; Melanie French, AIFSFoundation, and CSIETEvaluation Committee 
Chair, David Waters



Matt Smith (EF Foundation), Laura Breen (CIEE), Asa Fanelli (EF Foundation), Vickie McCormack (CIEE), and Ce Parker (ASSE)


  CHIrepresentatives: Masa Abe, Linda Mori, Kristi Doyle and Jackie Sant-Meyerhoff

CSIETBoard Chair John Lewis thanks outgoing Board member Darvin Boothe for his Board service.


  Wayne Warner, St. Bernard Unified School in Chalmette, Louisiana.

John Lewis thanks outgoing Board member Greg White for his Board service.



John Lewis presents Craig Brown (AYUSA International) the CSIET Volunteer of the Year Award.



Mr. Fares Atef, YES Exchange Student fromYemen addresses the conference.



Debbie Li (ACES), CSIETEvaluation Coordinator, Loren Kupferschmid, and Michael Li


Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Alina Romanowski delivers the keynote address.