CPA Member Application

CSIET’s CPA Partnership will provide Certified Public Accountants the opportunity to develop a formal relationship with CSIET and its members and to gain wider exposure for their products and services. By joining CSIET, CPAs will gain access to over 100 organizations seeking auditing services for CSIET’s annual evaluation process.

Why Become a CPA Partner? Established in 1984, CSIET is a not-for-profit foundation that promotes international student exchange to ensure that students experience meaningful and safe study abroad experiences in the United States and abroad. To achieve this goal, CSIET annually evaluates international student exchange programs based on its Standards. Through a Partnership with CSIET, CPAs will gain access to the programs undergoing this annual evaluation, all of whom will need a Certified Public Accountant to conduct up to four compliance audits each, on their programs. This Partnership will provide CPAs the opportunity to develop a formal relationship with CSIET and its members—these programs--and to gain wider exposure for their products and services. By establishing these direct connections to program managers and service providers, CPA Partners will more effectively reach out to the international student exchange industry throughout the year and will see an improved CSIET auditing process.

Benefits: Through direct communication with and access to CSIET and its members throughout the year, CPA Partners will be provided with exclusive opportunities to promote their products and services to all CSIET members. More specifically, CPA Partners will receive the following additional benefits:

  • All Corporate Partnership Benefits, Including:
  • Special Rates at the CSIET Annual Conference
  • Discounts on Advertising Rates for CSIET Publications
  • ‘Corporate Sponsor Spotlight’ in CSIET’s Monthly Newsletter
  • Advance Digital Copy of CSIET’s Advisory List and Mention of Your Business in the Publication
  • Training on CSIET Listing Process
  • Increased Visibility and Exclusive Opportunity to Promote Auditing Services to CSIET Member Programs (Including of Mention of CPA and information on CSIET Website)
  • Updates on Audit Process, Such As Due Dates, Changes to Audits Templates, etc.

This Partnership serves as the singular option for CPAs conducting CSIET compliance audits to formally affiliate with CSIET and its members. Please provide to your information below to apply for your 2017-2018 CPA Partnership with CSIET. Please note that renewal occurs annually starting July 1st .

CSIET CPA Partner Dues: $1,155

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