International Associate Membership

The purpose of the International Associate membership is to establish a method of communicating with overseas partners of CSIET listed organizations, to make sure they are up to date about CSIET standards and guidelines, and to seek methods of cooperation in order to implement CSIET standards in programs for American outbound students. All membership materials are provided in English only.

Apply to Become a CSIET International Member!

Are you a CSIET-listed program with a foreign partner in mind? Nominate them for CSIET membership!


To be eligible for CSIET international membership, interested overseas international exchange programs must:

  • Be nominated for membership by a CSIET-listed organization;
  • Agree to subscribe to CSIET standards; and
  • Agree that failure to comply with the standards enables CSIET to remove the organization from membership and its benefits.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Mentioning of your membership with your website address in our annual Advisory List
  • A set of "International Member" CSIET Logos, for use in promotional materials (see logo rules of use)
  • Advance digital copy of CSIET's Advisory List (hard copies available for purchase)
  • Subscription to the CSIET Newsletter and Student Diplomat
  • Electronic updates on changes in Federal regulations, CSIET Standards and local school policies
  • Access to annual statistical reporting on international student programming (J-1, F-1, Outbound, and Short-Term)
  • Access to the 'Members Only' section of CSIET's website
  • Discounts on registration for CSIET Annual Conferences
  • Discount on bulk purchases of CSIET publications (Advisory List, Administering Youth Exchange Guide, and Model School Policy)

For more information, please contact Anna Damewood at