Online Application Available!

In past evaluation cycles, CSIET has accepted paper-based or PDF Applications for Listing from its member organizations. The application has been available for download on our website and historically, programs complete/submit the application (along with states/countries served forms and financial statements/financial audits) via PDF or US mail.  This year, we are taking a hybrid approach to the collection of these application materials. 

To facilitate a more streamlined process and to accommodate the needs of our program members, the CSIET Application for Listing must now be completed using our new online application form.  The application, including Countries Served and States Served forms, must be submitted using this new form.  Paper/PDF application forms will no longer be accepted!

Your latest financial statement/financial audit, along with any outstanding management letters (responses to reported deficiencies from the 2016-2017 evaluation cycle) must be submitted in a separate correspondence, either via e-mail attachment or through US Mail.  Please submit these materials to the appropriate address by the application deadline.



New physical address!

Nia Butler | CSIET Program Officer |  500 Montgomery Street | Suite 400 | Alexandria | Virginia 22314

2017-2018 Deadlines:

  • For currently listed programs, application materials are due to CSIET by December 1, 2017.
  • For new programs, as well as schools/districts that are I-20 certified, application materials are due to CSIET by January 15, 2018.
  • Compliance Audit(s) are due to CSIET (does not apply to J-1 organizations) by February 28, 2018. The 2017-2018 audit templates can be found under Compliance Audit Templates

Application for Listing is available to CSIET Members Only. If you are interested in applying for Listing, but are not a CSIET Member, please apply for membership first before applying for Listing.




Listing Process Support Materials

Requirements for Listing of J-1 Programs

2017-2018 Listing Application Instructions 

2017-2018 Listing Application Checklist 

2017-2018 Countries Served Form 

2017-2018 US States Served Form 

CSIET F-1 Programs: Data Needed for F-1 Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP)

2017-2018 Compliance Audit Templates & Likely Sources

CSIET CPA Corporate Partners



Should there be any questions, please contact CSIET Executive Director Chris Page directly at, or 703-739-9050.