2017-2018 Advisory List

Organizations Listed in the 2017-2018 CSIET Advisory List:

Updated May 1, 2017:

The programs listed in the following links have been granted either a FullProvisional, or Conditional status in the listing category for which they applied.   

J-1 Inbound Listed Programs

F-1 Inbound Listed Programs

Outbound Listed Programs

Short-Term Listed Programs

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On April 30th, 2012 the CSIET Board of Directors met and reviewed CSIET's process for listing of Inbound, Outbound and Short-Term programs in the Advisory List of International and Educational Travel & Exchange Programs. The CSIET Board unanimously agreed that CSIET should expand listing to four separate categories. Accordingly, for the 2016-2017 evaluation cycle, the approved CSIET listing categories are as follows:

  • Inbound J-1 Programs
  • Inbound F-1 Programs
  • Outbound Programs
  • Short-Term Programs (Inbound and Outbound)

The programs listed in the 2017-2018 Advisory List were found to be in compliance with CSIET Standards based on the information available to CSIET and/or through a compliance audit process conducted by independent certified public accountants. Listing is neither an endorsement of an organization nor a guarantee of the quality of its programs. In addition, listing by CSIET does not suggest that only listed organizations are legitimate.


Only Organizations accepted for listing in the Advisory List for the corresponding academic year and specific program(s) indicated on the logo have the permission to use the CSIET logo. Organizations that misuse it are subject to a lawsuit in the U.S. federal district court. Click here for the full trademark policy.