Terra Lingua USA

3 Helen Road
Terryville, CT 06786
Phone: 800-860-5942
Fax: 860-583-4002
Contact: Kellie Iacovella, Executive Director

2017-2018 CSIET Listing Status: Full
Countries Served: Austria, Brazil, Colombia, China, Ecuador, France, Germany,  Italy,  Mongolia,  Poland, Russia, , South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, United States 
Number of 2016-2017 Participants:  46
Not-for-Profit Organization: Established 1997

Terra Lingua USA Mission Statement:
  • “The Mission of Terra Lingua USA is to provide quality international exchange experiences in an effort to promote global understanding and experiential education to people worldwide.”
To fulfill this mission, Terra Lingua USA shall:
  • Offer affordable exchange experiences through an established and caring network.
  • Conduct all Terra Lingua USA programs with integrity in a non-discriminatory manner.
  • Partner only with organizations, international partners, and staff that share our goals and values.
Terra Lingua USA prides itself on its focus to each student and host family. We are a small organization which enables us to provide outstanding and individualized attention to every detail of our programs and our participants.  We are represented in the United States and abroad by an experienced network of local and state coordinators who work in cooperation with students, host families, and schools to provide the best experience possible to all program participants. 
Academic Year/Semester in the United States—Students ages 15 to 17 live with a volunteer host family and learn American culture and language while attending high school for a semester or an academic year.  Prior to their acceptance into our programs, all applying students are carefully screened and interviewed to ensure they are emotionally and academically prepared to participate in Terra Lingua USA programs.  They also receive a thorough orientation which prepares them for the expectations and rewards of the program.   To apply, students must submit an application which includes handwritten letters from the student and their parents, letters of recommendation, acknowledgement of rules, and responses to many questions pertaining to their interest in the program.  A minimum English proficiency score and GPA requirements must be met.    Once in the program, students are expected to maintain academic and personal levels of achievement in order to remain in the program.  While in the US students must prepare a classroom presentation and perform some service to their community. 
All host families are carefully vetted to ensure they meet hosting standards and are willing and able to commit to this program. Once a family is determined, a student is selected for them based on common hobbies and interests between a student and a family.  Careful consideration is taken to place the right student with the right family to ensure program success.  A thorough interview and orientation is provided to host families prior to the student’s arrival.   Our team of qualified and trained Community Coordinators supervises and supports the student and host family throughout the entire program to ensure the best possible experience for all.