American Homestay Services

4620 Henry Street, 3rd Floor,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: (412)-567-8617
Contact: Andrew Chen, CEO


2017-2018 CSIET Listing Status: Full 

Countries Served: China

Number of 2016-2017 Participants: 28

Not-for-Profit Organization: Established 2012

American Homestay Services (AHS) was founded in 2012 in Pittsburgh, PA. Since then, AHS has served more than 300 Chinese international students, coordinating both long-term and short-term stays.
Our mission is to assist international students in embracing the opportunity of studying in the US through placing them in a safe and nurturing homestay environment and providing professional support services to students, parents, host families, and schools alike. We accomplish this by managing a large network of host families and local coordinators located strategically throughout US. AHS works with both private and public schools to offer students an abundance of choices so that they can find the perfect match for their personal talents, interests and educational goals. It is our duty at AHS to help students smoothly adapt to life in America, both academically and culturally.
Homestay Program:
AHS encompasses a large network of host families and therefore is able to provide homestay options to students all over the US. Our homestay program runs the duration of one school year (10 months), and provides an individual bedroom in a host family home, breakfast and dinner on school days, three meals a day on non-school days, free access to Wi-Fi at home, one-time airport pick up, one-time airport drop off, bilingual counseling to assist with academic and cultural adaptation, emergency contact services, and custodial guardianship. AHS’s responsible staff is here to help and support both the student and host family, at any time, when any issue arises.