Cambridge Network (gpHomestay)

1025 Main Street, Floor 3
Waltham, MA 02451
Phone: 781-996-0400
Contact: Laura Liddell

2017-2018 CSIET Listing Status: Full

Countries Served: China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam

Number of 2016-2017 Participants: 1423 semester or year inbound

For-Profit Organization: Established 2011

Cambridge Network Homestay Services is an educational consulting firm devoted to increasing international participation in American education and strengthening the ability of institutions to educate students of different backgrounds. Cambridge Network’s mission is to foster cultural and intellectual exchanges by cultivating relationships among diverse groups of youth. International students enroll in our partner middle and high schools as degree-seeking students, with most having the intention of matriculating to a U.S. college or university.

Cambridge Network Homestay Services offers homestay and boarding programs (formerly known as gphomestay) which are supported by local Support Services Coordinators.  Support Services Coordinators check-in monthly with students and their host families, complete progress reports for their natural parents overseas, and organize after-school and weekend social events.

Educational Program – United States:  If a prospective applicant meets the school’s required admission criteria for international students, he or she is encouraged to submit an application to the school.  The admissions process is usually comprised of a written application and a virtual interview with the student.

High school-aged international students travel to the United States, attend school for one to four years, and live with a U.S. host family or in a residence hall. Some students will receive English language support in a course run either by the school or by Cambridge's adjunct academic support program. Students usually re-enroll in the school each year until they graduate.

Prior to departure to the United States, international students will participate in a comprehensive orientation, either in person or online. A second orientation is conducted on the school campus prior to the commencement of classes. The on-campus orientation is specific to the school and includes assistance with registering for classes, setting up bank accounts, purchasing textbooks, and more.  Additional orientations are provided throughout the school year where students and host families attending together, and are focused on building Cambridge communities across the U.S. The orientations address topics such as American culture, classroom expectations and etiquette, living with host families, ensuring safety and well-being, and how to make the most of a U.S. high school experience.