2018-2019 J-1 Advisory List

Below are the 2018-2019 CSIET Listed J-1 Programs

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Listing Types

Full Listing is the status that organizations and programs described in the CSIET Advisory List are accorded when they have demonstrated full compliance with the CSIET Standards.

Provisional Listing reflects the determination that an organization, during its first or second evaluation, is judged to be in compliance with CSIET standards on the basis of its application materials. Provisional Listing will be granted to a newly accepted organization for two one-year periods.

Conditional Listing is a status that may be granted to an organization that had previously achieved either a Full or Provisional Listing. It is issued to organizations that are determined to be substantially in compliance with the standards but which need improvement in one or more areas. Conditional Listing is granted for one year, but may be renewed for subsequent one-year periods upon completion of review.