Piloting Revised Outbound Standards

Location: Edison ABC


A panel of program representatives 1will hold an open forum on CSIET’s existing long-term standards for outbound programs.  CSIET’s new strategic plan calls for a “[revision] of CSIET’s long-term outbound Standards to align with changing program realities”.  The purpose of this session is to have open dialog that would help inform the revision process.  Any revisions to CSIET Standards for outbound programming will likely lead to changes in the outbound audit template.



Panelist: John Crist, ICES

John J. Crist has been involved with international youth exchange since 1980. He was first associated with EF Foundation and worked his way up to become National Program Administrator. Beginning in 1987, John helped develop the Aspect Foundation as the Executive Vice President. In 1991, John founded International Cultural Exchange Services (ICES) in Atlanta, Georgia. ICES will celebrate its’ 25th Anniversary in March, 2016. John is very proud that five of the original ICES employees from 1991 are still with organization. ICES works with about 50 Sending Organizations and places over 1000 high school exchange students annually from more than 40 countries. John is committed to operating a quality high school academic exchange program so that each student has a safe and positive life-changing experience as they learn about the United States and the world. John is now serving his fourth term on the CSIET Board of Directors having returned to the Board most recently in 2012. ICES is also been a member of the Alliance for International Education and Cultural Exchange since 1997. John also served on the Board of IEA in the late 1980s.


Panelist: Al Kalter, RYE Florida

Al Kalter has been involved with Rotary Youth Exchange for over 25 years. After starting in his native New York, Al built a program from scratch in northeast Florida after professionally relocating there in 2000.  A few years later, he was asked to serve as the founding chairman of Rotary Youth Exchange Florida, bringing together the efforts of 8 districts and over 400 Rotary Clubs in the Sunshine State, expanding the program statewide for both inbound and outbound students. Al continued to serve as RYE-Florida chair for six years, and was subsequently honored with the title of Chairman Emeritus in 2014. Professionally, Al is Vice President and Senior Programming Analyst for APPX Software, which creates custom business application software for companies and organizations throughout the world. Over the past few years, Al has merged his vocation with his avocation, building a Youth Exchange management system that is used by almost all Rotary programs in the US. Al and his wife Sue are happy to call Jacksonville, Florida home. Their daughter Kate lives about 10 miles away, while the other members of their family, the many students they’ve hosted and gotten to love, keep in touch regularly from their homes around the world.


Panelist: Simon Vosseler, ICES

Simon Vosseler has been involved with international youth exchange for 10 years.

After completing his own US high school exchange in 2005, he founded his small scale business Simon’s Exchange Services, sending German exchange students to the US. After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Global Business Management at the University of Augsburg, Germany, study and work experiences in Brazil, and his Masters of International Business at the University of South Carolina, Simon never lost the passion for international student exchange and returned to the field in 2013. Simon is now working as the Director of Outbound Program and Director of Marketing for International Cultural Exchange Services (ICES) at the ICES international headquarters in Henderson, NV.