American Home Life International

2137 Embassy Drive, Suite 202
Lancaster, PA 17603
Phone: (717) 560-2840
Fax: (717) 560-2845
Contact: Deborah Siegrist, Admissions Director

2018-2019 CSIET Listing Status: Full
Countries Served: 28 countries including Albania, Armenia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Estonia, Ethiopia, France, Israel/Palestine, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Serbia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Venezuela and Vietnam.
Number of 2018-2019 Participants: 212 semester or year inbound
Not-for-Profit Organization: Established 1991

For more than 28 years, American Home Life International (AHLI) has been providing American homestay, academic programs and short-term cultural experiences for over 15,000 international students. We remain committed to help our students succeed by placing them in the right schools and in the best academic or cultural programs to meet their academic needs and extracurricular interests. Critical for student success, AHLI’s strength is the unparalleled ability to provide Christian host families that offer a safe, secure and nurturing home environment for the students.

AHLI partners with more than 160 accredited schools, community colleges and English language centers across 28 states. With significant global experience and commitment to excellence, the AHLI team is skilled at bringing the best combination of school, academic program, homestay and short-term cultural experiences to meet a variety of student needs and budgets.

A comprehensive college preparatory support program is provided to students by a qualified AHLI team of educators. This includes the critical areas of academic goal setting, SAT and TOEFL preparation, college counselling, college selection and application, essay and resume writing as well as college visits.

If English language learner (ELL) support is required by a school which has no ELL program, AHLI provides qualified teachers for both individual support or in-school class time as required.

To ensure students are placed in the best home environment, AHLI personally interviews and screens each family, performs annual background checks, as well as, conducts home inspections. On-going host family support is also provided throughout the student’s stay.

A qualified coordinator is assigned to each student to provide excellent student care covering orientation, monthly meetings, celebration of birthdays, and monitoring of college plans and preparations. Like a mentor, the coordinator guides the student on social, academic and cultural adjustment. AHLI facilitates all communication between the school, agent and parents, and advocates for the student in challenging situations. 24/7 emergency assistance is also made available to all AHLI students.

AHLI local coordinators work with each placement under the direct supervision of area Directors. Monthly reports on the student’s academic progress and social development are prepared to keep parents informed of how their children are doing in the U.S.

AHLI is committed to ensuring our students are supported by a wide-network of school coordinators, counselors, administrators as well as AHLI-affiliated coordinators, directors, ELL teachers and homestay families to enable them to succeed in pursuing their educational goals and having a positive cultural experience in the United States.