Lartin Brothers LLC

1629 K St NW Suite 300
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: (617) 777-3671
Contact: Jonathan Lei

2019-2020 CSIET Certification Status: Provisional
Countries Served: China
Number of 2018-2019 Participants: 33 students

Here at Lartin Brothers, we believe that every student should have the opportunity to reach their educational goals and dreams. From High school to university, we specialize in providing all the services that foreign students need to find their path in the United States. Education is a personal journey—what separates us from other education companies is our commitment to providing personal service and nurturing care. Attending school in a foreign country can be scary and overwhelming. That’s why we are here—to hold our students’ hands the whole way.

High School Dorm Program — Students must complete applications in English, pass an English Language proficiency Test, submit current school transcripts, and write an autobiographical essay. Students and parents are interviewed prior to acceptances. Lartin provides extensive services including, mandatory orientation sessions to help guide and promote smooth academic, social and cultural transition and adjustments, personal academic and social support, coordination and management for all dorm students. At orientations, which is conducted by the Lartin and the school(s), will address issues such as American culture, English as Secondary Language, dormitory rules, and how to make the most of the U.S. high school experience. Lartin takes care of facilitating communication between the schools and parents including monthly reports to the parents in Chinese that cover student academic and social emotional status.

Lartin Homestay Program –Our program is dedicated offering a well-rounded homestay experience for our Chinese students during their stay in the United States. All our families are background checked, interviewed, and matched to suit the needs of specific students. Staying with an American homestay family is a great chance for cultural exposure, language learning, and making new friends. Lartin local representatives are always ready to assist and answer any questions students may have during their stay in the United States regarding local cuisine, weekend activities, and problems students might encounter.

Student Management Program — Our student service program is an ongoing orientation program on top of the schools. We have a network of local coordinators who provide support on a local level. They interview and screen host families and supervise the program during the students’ stay, perform a monthly check in with the student and host family and always be there to help students with any academic, personal or disciplinary issues. In addition, our local coordinator will provide academic/college preparatory seminars and assist in tutoring services if needed. Our local coordinator is one WeChat away from our students.