Nacel Open Door

101 5th Street East
Suite 1900
St. Paul, MN 55101
Phone: 651-686-0080 or (toll-free) 800-622-3553
Fax: 651-686-9601
Contact: Rae Lenway, President

2020-2021 CSIET Certification Status: Full
Countries Served: Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, South Korea, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, Taiwan, United States
Number of 2019-2020 Participants: 601 (371 semester or year J-1 Inbound; 230 semester or year F-1 Inbound)
Grant Programs: Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange
Not-for-Profit Organization: Nacel established 1957; Open Door established 1964

Nacel Open Door is administered by educators dedicated to offering accessible, quality exchange programs with a well-structured support network. In the last ten years, nearly 30,000 host families and students have participated in a Nacel Open Door program.

Nacel Open Door promotes international understanding by offering home-stay experiences and language-study programs. It also strives to support foreign language education in U.S. secondary schools by encouraging students to begin and continue foreign language study.

Nacel Open Door works through a network of directors and representatives in each country that coordinate the selection and preparation of students and host families and provide support during the exchange experience. Student medical insurance is provided on all programs.

Academic Year or Semester Program in the United States—Foreign students ages 15 to 18 come to the United States for a semester or academic year, during which time they live with host families and attend school. English language proficiency is required. Orientation is provided prior to departure from the home country and after arrival in the United States. Cost to participants includes domestic travel, insurance and local orientation. International transportation is an additional cost.

Private School Program in the United States—The Private School Program allows American private high schools to welcome qualified international students on their campuses. While on an F-1 visa, these high-achieving students typically come to the U.S. for one year or more with the goal of graduating and subsequently attending an American college or university. During their stay, participants live with host families and receive all Nacel Open Door support services.