NorthWest Student Exchange (NWSE)

4530 Union Bay Place NE, Ste. 214
Seattle, WA 98105
Phone: 206-527-0917
Fax: 800-717-9117
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2019-2020 CSIET Certification Status: Full
Countries Served: Austria, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Mexico, Mongolia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States
Number of 2018-2019 Participants: 231 semester or year inbound
Nonprofit Corporation: Established 1987


Contact NWSE for one-way, reciprocal, direct and pre-placed semester and academic year exchanges, both inbound and outbound. Students from 15 to 18 ½ years old attend high school from three to ten months abroad and live with selected host families. Orientations are held for host families as well as for students before and after their arrival in the host country. During the exchange, local NWSE representatives and the NWSE office individually monitor the progress and success of each exchange. NWSE coordinates travel and visa arrangements for all participants.

NorthWest Student Exchange (NWSE) promotes affordable international education, cultural and language opportunities. We work to improve international understanding by creating meaningful programs for high school exchange students, their host families and communities. Our participants raise their global awareness and program enjoyment by building long-lasting international friendships and memories.

Semester/Academic Year Exchange Programs: One-Way, Reciprocal, Partner School and Sponsored (Direct) Placement Programs:

NWSE’s One-Way Exchange offers qualified students exchange opportunities in host families and schools for one semester (approx. 5 months) or for an academic year (approx. 10 months).

NWSE’s Reciprocal Exchange matches students with an exchange partner from another country. Exchange partners normally spend one semester together in each other’s country during their exchanges. This unique program allows participants to share their own culture with their exchange partner, while experiencing school and family life first-hand overseas.

NWSE’s Sponsored Placement © (Direct Placement) Exchange is ideal for students who already know a potential host family abroad and want to receive the full support services of a traditional exchange program, including coordination of visa procedures and local supervision. Potential host families must have a keen desire to host an exchange student, speak the host country’s language in their home, and cannot be a relative of the exchange student. Direct placement students must demonstrate the same qualifications as applicants for our other programs.

Students Getting Started: Students should start their application by contacting the NWSE office online (, by phone, or at one of NWSE’s overseas partners well in advance of the desired program start date. Students generally need to be studying the host country’s language at the time they apply, and demonstrate appropriate academic skills and personality traits.

Host Families Getting Started: Host families should contact NWSE online or by phone for more information about becoming a host family: ! Host families provide room and board, comfortable living conditions and a safe, caring and supportive family environment. Interviews of student and host family candidates take place during the school year and summer prior to participation. NWSE carefully screens all applicants to ensure successful exchange experiences for all participants.

Contact NWSE: Please visit the NWSE website at to apply at no cost, for a complete list of our program fees, and for more information. Feel free to contact NWSE directly at, or call 206-527-0917 any time for more information about becoming a host family, exchange student or partner school. Fees for NWSE exchange student programs start at $2,000. Program fee reductions are available on the basis of need and merit. Airfare, personal expenses and pocket money, including passport and visa application fees are not included in the program fee.

The NWSE Team looks forward to meeting and serving you soon!