NW Services, Inc. PEACE Program

Promoting Educational And Cultural Exchanges
2604 Polk St, Idaho 83605
Phone: 208-250-0379
Toll free 888-976-3977
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E-mail: kimberlynws@aol.com
Website: www.nw-services.com
Contact: Kimberly Kaiser, President/Executive Director

2020-2021 CSIET Certification Status: Full
Countries Served: Brazil, Cambodia, Czech Republic, Chile, China, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Norway, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam
Number of 2019-2020 Participants: 157 semester or year inbound
Not-for-Profit Organization: Established 1996

NW Services PEACE Program works toward promoting world peace through an international high school exchange program that gives people a cross-cultural learning opportunity. This program allows international students to attend school in the United States for one semester or academic year. This experience enhances their language skills and gives them understanding of their own culture and that of their host country. Students live with volunteer host families who are carefully screened. Intercultural training and support are given to the students and host families before and during the program.

Semester/Academic Year (or Calendar Year) in the U.S.A.—International students ages 15 to 18 live with a volunteer host family while attending local public high school. Students are screened for academic achievement, English ability, and maturity. Pre-departure and post-arrival orientations are provided. Local coordinators supervise placements using monthly reports. Cost to participants is $4,800 to $6,400; the cost does not include transportation expenses and personal expenses.