30 Oak St, Suite 203
Stamford, CT 06905
Phone: (800) 779-3319
Fax: (888) 529-6461
E-mail: info@wep-usa.org
Website: wep-usa.org
Contact: Oksana Chorny, CEO & Co-Founder

2019-2020 CSIET Certification Status: Full
Countries Served: Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, United States
Number of 2018-2019 Participants: 110 semester or year inbound

WEP-USA is dedicated to its mission of providing world citizens with a quality international experience and encouraging cross-cultural education. WEP-USA, which stands for World Education Program, was founded in cooperation with WEP International (which now has offices in Brussels, Turin, Milan, Lyon, Paris, Rosario, Rome and Oderzo) and offers a wide array of programs ranging from academic and summer adventures to volunteer and world tours. With 30 years of experience in the industry, WEP enjoys a satisfaction rate of 98.2%, based on the student, family, and school surveys conducted in the last five years.

WEP-USA operates through a network of support counselors throughout the United States who provide support on a local level in addition to the national office. All WEP staff pass rigorous training and testing to ensure quality support to all program participants. WEP puts personal international experiences of its staff forward to serve families on both sides of the ocean, and its strong relationships with the overseas offices ensure a perfect combination of high quality programming and personalized approach.

WEP Academic Year Program – United States – International students ages 15 to 18 come to the U.S. as motivated ambassadors, committed to studying in an American high school for a semester or full year and immersing themselves in the American culture. The WEP overseas offices screen students for maturity, English and academics in a unique approach of combing an extensive application with a personal interview, group activities and a psychological evaluation, ensuring that each student is set up for success. Using a protocol developed exclusively for WEP and refined in recent years, WEP aims to better evaluate the different attitudes and motivations of its candidates. A combination of a test/interview and individual psychological assessment adds a broader insight into the student’s personality, in addition to the evaluation of his/her educational achievements and language competency. WEP-USA Host families also go through a rigorous vetting process to be selected for the program that includes an application, criminal background checks, references, in-person interview and home inspection.

All WEP students attend a weekend-long Pre-Departure orientation where they get familiar with American customs and learn about culture shock, challenges of living abroad, safety and program rules to prepare them for this life-changing experience. There are special workshops provided for the parents in attendance as well.

Cost to participants depends on the selected area and school and excludes transportation, insurance and personal expenses.