Join us this year for our Annual Conference: Stewardship & Guiding the Student Experience. As programs, agencies, and schools, our community helps guide students through one or more of the following important processes: recruitment, placement, the program year/s, and return home. CSIET will focus on stewardship during this two and a half day event to improve the value of International Student Exchange for our participants and their students.

Each year, the Council on Standards for International Student Exchange (CSIET) brings together over 160 representatives from J-1, F-1 and Outbound programs at the secondary level, as well as vendors offering services to these vetted organizations.  Represent your student program and be part of the discussion.  Conference Speakers and participants engage and discuss prevalent topics that are important to our community.

Thursday Keynote Speaker

Dr. Dennis White was an American Peace Corps volunteer in Iran from 1968-1970. Following his return to the United States, he earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and has worked in a variety of social service agencies and universities. He is currently a licensed psychologist in private practice in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. He has worked with many international exchange programs. He makes annual presentations at Youth Exchange Conferences and district orientations around the United States and the world.

He is past Chairman of the Rotary International Youth Exchange Committee (RIYE) and past President of the North American Youth Exchange Network (NAYEN). He is currently co-chair of the NAYEN Online Training Committee. He has written numerous articles about Youth Exchange, particularly related to Culture Shock, Reverse Culture Shock and Ethnocentrism.

Beside the staff, content and networking, what impressed me the most about the 33rd Annual Conference was the caring for each and every student; helping students get acclimated to the U.S. as well preparing them to transition back home. Hearing firsthand from visiting students how exciting yet difficult it was on that first day of school, having a lunch tray in their hand wondering if they’ll need to eat lunch by themselves. (No one did.) I was really moved by how CSIET addresses the whole student experience.

Edward Lane

Secutive Compass


For help with registration or any questions about the annual conference, please contact Anna Damewood

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