CSIET Conflict of Interest Policy

CSIET Board of Directors (approved by the Board, March 29, 2008, revised Oct 27, 2012)
  • It is the policy of the Board of Directors of the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) that all Board of Directors members avoid any conflict, and the appearance of conflict, between their personal interests and the interests of CSIET. Accordingly, that all Board members have an obligation to disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest to their service on the Board.

    With respect to potential conflicts, it is expected that Board members will use reasonable and prudent judgment in their participation in Board and Council matters and in external matters relating to CSIET, that service on the Board will not result in financial gain to Board members, and that in complying with this policy, if a preference is to be shown, it should be on the side of disclosure.

    A conflict of interest may occur if activities or personal interests of a Board Member or their family members influence or appear to influence their decisions or activities as a Director. A conflict of interest does not disqualify one from Board service but disclosure of the conflict or potential conflict of interest is essential.

    It is the policy of CSIET to ensure that when any possible conflict of interest on the part of any member of the Board, or any officer of the foundation, it shall be disclosed in writing to the Board and made a matter of record as part of the annual audit and review of the foundation by its Certified Public Accountants.

    Procedurally, each Board member or Officer will report any actual or potential conflict of interest in writing to the Board and this information will be maintained by the Executive Director of CSIET and from time to time reviewed by the Board’s Executive Committee and as part of the annual audit process.

    In any case in which a member of the Board and/or Officer of the foundation might be involved in a decision in which there is a conflict of interest that person will be asked to recuse themselves from the decision and any related votes thereto. Minutes of Board Meetings shall reflect when such a situation occurs. Memo to file should be maintained in any similar situation involving an officer of the foundation.

    It is the policy of CSIET that any member of the Board will be deemed ineligible to continue service if their organization: ceases operation, merges with or becomes acquired by another organization, is put on probation or suspension, receives a reduction in visa allotment, or comes into notoriety or disrepute.This policy and these procedures should be made available and reviewed from time to time with Members of the Board and Officers of the Foundation.

  • The Conflict of Interest Statement below should be signed annually by all Directors and Officers and update should a potential conflict arise in the interim periods.

    I hereby acknowledge that I have been provided a copy of the CSIET Conflict of Interest Policy above and I have read, understood and will comply therewith.

  • A. I affirm that to the best of my knowledge and belief, I am involved in no activity and have no outside interest that conflict or suggests a possible conflict of interest with CSIET and it’s purposes except as follows:

    Please list below the names of any organizations that you and/or members of your immediately family may have an interest in through employment, contractual agreement, affiliation, membership or any interest of any other kind. In each case, specify the nature of the interest and the relationship to you of the individual, organization and/or entity having the interest.

  • AND

    B: To the best of my knowledge, there are no activities or other matters that would cause me to have a conflict of interest as a member of the Board of Directors of CSIET.

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