CSIET Promotional Opportunities

These promotional opportunities are available for purchase to those who have earned a CSIET Certification Status for 2019-2020.

Already Know What you Want to Order? 


This service allows you to include your organization’s full description, contact information, logo and trademark seal on the CSIET website. Additionally, by purchasing Weblinks, your organizations’ web address will be displayed and hyperlinked in the Program Finder tool on the “Get Started” site.

The list of approved programs on our website exposes the name of your organization to prospective students, host families, and schools. Every CSIET-Certified Organization receives a profile page, which accessed by clicking your organization’s hyperlinked name on the Advisory List Online landing page. These profile pages will all contain the organization name, certification status, and their earned trademark seal. CSIET-Certified Organizations have the option of maximizing the potential for prospective schools/students to learn more about their organization directly from www.CSIET.org by purchasing Weblinks


Through Google Analytics, we discovered that on average, an organization that purchased Weblinks received 2.8 times more clicks than an organization that did not purchase Weblinks

Direct Connect

The Program Finder tool on our “Get Started” page (getstarted.csiet.org) allows individuals interested in international exchange to search for CSIET-certified programs based on specific criteria such as their country of origin or U.S. State. Purchasing “Direct Connect” will allow prospective students, schools and host families using this tool to email your organization directly from the search results page.


Featuring the description of your program and information about CSIET, these promotional flyers communicate to students, families, schools, and overseas programs that your organization meets CSIET standards and is certified in the 2019-2020 Advisory List.


Publicize your listing status without reprinting materials! Affix CSIET’s “Accepted for Listing” Stickers to any already existing materials you send to students and families, use them to cover a previous year’s certification mark, and include them in correspondence to schools.