State Policies

From Athletic Eligibility, to Immunization Requirements and English Language Testing, CSIET complies these policies by state so that our Members have an easy go-to resource for this information.

Public Resources

These resources you may find helpful from information about U.S. Visas, How Programs Operate, Student Recruitment, Program Pricing, and more.

Common Frequently Asked Questions

Whether your are from a school, exchange organization, or looking to study abroad, CSIET has compiled common questions to help you get started in the right direction.


Periodically, CSIET Offers Fun Contests for International Exchange Students and Organizations alike! The most popular contest is the “Art Cover Contest”, where a current international exchange student has the opportunity to win $500 by submitting their artwork that expresses their experience abroad. Check here for current contests and past contest winners!


Grow Your Knowledge Base about the High School International Student Exchange Industry. Through our partnerships, CSIET periodically offers Webinars that help our members and partners engage with one another as they share their knowledge. CSIET Members have access to the recorded full webinars in our Webinars Archive section. Check here for Upcoming Webinars!


CSIET is a small organization that supports its members and constituents in big ways. By donating to CSIET, your dollars go to supporting our existing community with effective and efficient engagement, better information, and improved awareness regarding reputable international student exchange programs. Your contribution also helps us identify and promote high quality international educational travel and exchange programs and to improve overall program practices and student safety.