CSIET Art Cover Contest

CSIET Art Cover Design Rules & Regulations

CSIET is pleased to announce its 18th Annual Art Cover Design Contest. High school exchange students inspired by their experiences are encouraged to submit artwork representing the spirit of youth exchange and how it transforms the lives of young people.  The winner’s artwork will be featured in the 2020-2021 Advisory List (on the cover), along with his/her name and CSIET-Listed Exchange Program, as well as on the CSIET website. In addition, the winner will receive a cash prize of $500.


CSIET welcomes a variety of media–both designs produced by hand and computer graphic design. All artwork canvas size must be LARGER than 6 ¼ inches wide and 8 ½ inches tall (portrait orientation preferred). CSIET asks that students submitting graphic artwork provide one of the following:

  • an electronic copy of the artwork in either JPEG (.jpg), PDF (.pdf) or TIFF (.tif) format (at least 300 dpi resolution preferred)
  • a scanned copy of the original artwork. in either JPEG (.jpg), PDF (.pdf) or TIFF (.tif) format (at 300 dpi resolution or higher preferred)
    •  we recommend students talk to their school’s art or technology department about how to scan the artwork in the correct resolution.


  • Contestant must be a current high school exchange student through a CSIET-Certified Exchange Organization.
  • The book cover will be 6 ¼ inches wide and 8 ½ inches tall, so all submissions must be equal or larger to this canvas size.
  • Portrait Orientation is preferred
  • In order to enter the contest it is not required to submit a high resolution copy of the artwork. However, all artists must have the ability to scan their submission(s) in at least 300 dpi high resolution in order to be eligible to win the contest.
    • We recommend that students talk to their school’s art or technology department about how to scan the artwork in the correct resolution and how to make sure the artwork is presented clearly (ie. cropping any excess background and making sure the artwork image has good lighting).
    • If a finalist’s artwork is not submitted in high resolution, CSIET staff may reach out to the artist for a high resolution scanned copy of the artwork.
  • Please re-name the file(s) submission(s) to be the CSIET-Certified Exchange Program plus the student’s first and last name.
    • File name format: exchange program First name last name .jpg  (ie. AFS Intercultural Programs -USA Hana Pirovic.jpg)
    • If there is more than 1 submission from a single artist, please put a number after the last name (ie. AFS Intercultural Programs -USA Hana Pirovic2.jpg)
  • Please do not mail discs/flash drives with electronic files to the office. Submit electronically by uploading your file with this online form
  • a physically printed/hard color copy of the design will not be accepted.
  • There should be no reference to or depiction of specific exchange organizations, sports, or high school graduation in the artwork submitted.
  • Please avoid emphasis on specific countries in the artwork
  • More than one entry is permitted.
  • A short written description of the artwork is welcome, but not required.
  • Artwork should not incorporate the CSIET logo.
  • You may not use photo images or artwork that is not your own unless you have permission to use and publish it.

Artwork submitted electronically must be uploaded with this form.