Exchange Organization Membership

Membership Eligibility: U.S.-based exchange organizations conducting international youth exchange programs for secondary-school students are eligible for the exchange organization voting membership. Dues depend on the number of secondary-school-aged participants sponsored by the organization. To be eligible for CSIET exchange organization voting membership, interested exchange programs must demonstrate at least a one-year track record of conducting international youth exchange programs.

Distinction between “Membership” and “Listing”: CSIET membership does not denote acceptance for listing in the Advisory List. Non-listed CSIET members may not promote themselves as being CSIET-listed, nor may they use the CSIET listing logo in promotional materials or on their websites. If a non-listed exchange program that is a CSIET member chooses to publicize its membership, it must always state that it is a Non-Listed Member of CSIET.This applies to websites, correspondence, program materials, and any other communication with schools, students, host families, athletic associations, or other interested parties. The CSIET Board of Directors has approved this policy and reserves the right to revoke membership if a program or organization claims listing status when such status has not been approved by CSIET.

2018-2019 Exchange Organization Membership Application

Dues depend on the number of secondary-school-aged participants the organization sponsors. Please check the box that applies to your organization: