Host Family & Local Coordinator Vetting Contact Form

Dear CSIET Program Representative,

Regarding Local Coordinator and HF vetting CSIET and international student exchange organizations are trying to improve the performance of LC/HF who change organizations. The generally accepted practice is to check with the previous organization(s) for LC/HF vetting. For more info on accepted practices, please refer to CSIET’s “Conducting Reference Checks for International Student Exchange Programs at the Secondary School Level, Factors for Consideration.”

CSIET’s Advisory List includes a primary contact, but the primary contact is not always the appropriate person to contact regarding LC/HF vetting. In the interest of clarity and safety, please provide the appropriate contact information for your organization’s representative who is responsible for vetting of LC/HF. So that your organization does not duplicate this effort please forward this request to the appropriate contact and have them submit their contact information. If you need to enter different contacts for LC and HF vetting, you are welcome to do so.

Submission of contact information is voluntary. The contact list is intended only for CSIET Listed Programs and should only be used for the purpose of LC/HF vetting. CSIET will not distribute, publish or furnish this list to anyone other than our listed programs.


Chris Page
Executive Director, CSIET

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