Regulations for Use of the CSIET “International Member” Trademark

An organization that is an International Associate Member of the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) may use a special International Member CSIET logo in promotional materials to indicate that it is an International Associate Member of CSIET.  Upon renewal or purchase of a new membership, you will receive an electronic photo-ready sheet of the 2019-2020 logos in several sizes.

The CSIET logo is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  The integrity of the CSIET logo must be protected in order to ensure that it remains an indicator of excellence to consumers in the global educational travel market.  Organizations that misuse the CSIET trademark or logo may be subject to a lawsuit in U.S. federal district court.  Please abide by the following regulations when using the enclosed CSIET logo.

  1. The CSIET logo may only be displayed on printed materials distributed during the 2019-2020 academic year.
  1. If the CSIET logo is used in affiliation with any U.S.-based high school exchange program(s), the program must possess a CSIET listing for that given year.
  1. It is specifically prohibited to change the CSIET logo, as provided to you, in any way, and especially to change the years “2019-20.”
  1. The logo may only be used in promotional materials for high school exchange programs and may not be included in any multi-program promotional materials
    (e.g. materials that also describe au pair programs or camp counselor positions).
  1. CSIET retains the right to revoke permission to use the trademark if a party does not adhere to the CSIET Standards for International Educational Travel Programs.

If you have any question regarding the proper use of the CSIET logo, please contact the CSIET office at 703-739-9050 or at