Outreach & Activities: Education Outreach Committee (EOC)

EOC Projects & Activities

EOC volunteers meet monthly via conference call to establish industry needs and design and execute activities intended to meet these needs. In doing so, each cycle the EOC generates valuable content for the education community such as CSIET conference sessions; CSIET Art Cover Design Contests; and the Student Diplomat e-newsletter. The following is a list of other EOC activities completed in previous cycles, in progress for the current cycle, and anticipated for the upcoming cycle:


Frequently Asked Questions to U.S. Schools from International Exchange Programs

This publication, comprising FAQs developed with valuable input from individual high school administrators, serves as a reference for exchange programs seeking guidance on how to best work with schools during the placement process. It is intended to assist exchange programs in supporting U.S. schools as they introduce and integrate international students into their communities.

Frequently Asked Questions to U.S. Schools from International Exchange Programs

Intended to guide U.S. high schools as they enroll international students studying on the J-1 visa through a U.S.-based sponsor organization, this set of suggested principles is being developed to serve as a foundation for any school or school district designing a local policy to ensure successful and enriching J-1 experiences for the entire school community

The Student Diplomat

Featuring positive high school study abroad stories, this weekly e-newsletter was developed as a school outreach opportunity to raise awareness of international education at U.S. high schools and among potential host families.

The Administering Youth Exchange Guide

This guide serves as a tool for U.S. high schools currently working or intending to work with international youth exchange programs and it is intended to help school administrators better understand how exchange programs operate and how to make the most of these international educational experiences.

Inbound Model School Policy on International Student Exchange

In partnership with the secondary-school community, this Model School Policy (MSP) was developed to assist American schools in the process of administering successful international student exchange programs.

Outbound Model School Policy on International Student Exchange

This publication was created to help schools design policy on American students traveling abroad.

Visa-Specific Content

As F-1 activity in the U.S. continues to grow, the distinctions between J-1 and F-1 programming become increasingly apparent, emphasizing the need for visa-specific guidance. The F-1 community demands more unique content and clarification that existing CSIET materials do not provide and the international student exchange industry, as a whole, would benefit from content drawing comparisons between J-1 and F-1 programming. So, in the spirit of embracing the changing climate of international student exchange, the Education Outreach Committee has been tasked with addressing these needs.