Outreach & Activities: Education Outreach Committee (EOC)

Education Outreach Committee (EOC)

CSIET’s Education Outreach Committee (EOC), formerly known as the School Outreach Working Group, was established in 2005 to promote strong relations between U.S. schools and the international youth exchange community. With this objective in mind, the EOC helps further the CSIET mission of providing leadership and support for the exchange and educational communities to ensure that youth are provided with safe and valuable international and cultural exchange experiences.

The continued existence of this committee is made possible by our members who generously volunteer their time to CSIET and the spirit of international education at the secondary level. Currently volunteering on the EOC are five CSIET exchange program members and three education representatives. To view the committee roster, click here.

The EOC Mission:

The mission of the Education Outreach Committee is to create in U.S. high schools an environment more open and conducive to enrolling international exchange students from CSIET-Listed programs. Through outreach and activities driven by this objective, the EOC operates based on the following goals:

  • Providing support for the educational value of international youth exchange;
  • Raising awareness of youth exchange at schools and among potential host families;
  • Enabling exchange programs to provide U.S. schools the support they need to engage in international youth exchange; and
  • Serving as a resource for host schools, host families, and students to ensure that exchanges are successful and enriching for the entire school community.

The EOC achieves its mission by: generating content catered to the needs and interests of schools, host families, and students; building on relationships with key educational organizations; developing a targeted school outreach capability using existing local and regional conferences; connecting with and engaging exchange students and host families via contests and social media; and distributing the Advisory List throughout the education community.