The CSIET Nominations Committee formally invites nominations from CSIET members for the 2019/20 CSIET Board of Directors.   Nominations are sought for candidates from the international student exchange program community and educational community. The Committee strongly encourages exchange program members and educational organizations of all types and sizes to participate in the nominations process.

The Nominations Committee has established the following criteria for candidates to the Board of Directors:

  1. An expressed commitment to the CSIET mission and purpose;
  2. An ability to set aside personal or self-interests in order to focus on larger constituency and purposes served by the Council;
  3. Availability to attend scheduled meetings of the Board of Directors;
  4. Willingness to make an annual contribution (of an undetermined amount) to the CSIET annual fund; and
  5. Adherence to established Board Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics policies (available upon request).

Board members are generally elected for a three-year term and are expected to attend Board meetings, to participate in committee assignments, and—if possible—to cover their own costs associated with attending the meetings (e.g. travel).

All nominations must be submitted in writing and include:

  • Name, title, affiliation and address of the nominee;
  • Bio information including professional affiliations, current position, and indication of strengths and accomplishments; and
  • A personal statement prepared by the nominee discussing his/her reasons for wishing to serve and willingness to attend Board meetings.

Please submit nominations to the CSIET Executive Director (Chris Page) no later than July 26, 2019.

Chris Page

Chris Page

CSIET Executive Director