Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Membership FAQs

Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions by those seeking CSIET Membership. Click the question to find out more.

1. What is the difference between Membership and Certification?

CSIET membership does not guarantee a certification with CSIET, but rather an organization must be a paid CSIET member in order to apply to be evaluated for CSIET certification. CSIET membership is based on an annual cycle (July 1 to June 30) which means the dues associated with membership must be paid each year. CSIET also conducts its evaluation process annually, which begins in November and ends in April of the following year. Only U.S.-based schools and organizations are eligible to seek certification and they must be members in the Voting Exchange Program or School/District Membership categories.

2. Can a program/school be a member, but not seek certification?

A program/school can be a member and receive certified membership benefits. However, it will not have its program appear in the Advisory List and cannot state that it is a certified member with CSIET unless it passes the evaluation process.

3. What are the different CSIET membership categories and who is eligible for each?
  • Voting Exchange Program Membership (F-1, J-1, Outbound, & Short Term programs)
  • Voting School or District Program (SEVP-certified school conducting its own international student program)
  • Voting Educational Organization Membership (any educational organization not conducting youth exchange or recruiting services; can include state associations)
  • International Associate Membership (overseas partners of U.S.-based organizations)
  • Individual Associate Membership (individuals who are not representing a placement company or exchange program; can include school officials and administrators)
  • Corporate Partnership (commercial and business entities based in the United States that work with the international student and exchange community)
4. What information is necessary to become a member?

To become a member, individuals, programs, or companies must submit an application with payment for one of the following categories, as well as the additional documents specified below.

  • Voting Exchange Program Membership
    • Articles of Incorporation (with the state license number for your company or organization)
  • Voting School or District Program
    • Documentation showing certification from SEVP
  • International Associate Membership
    • Letter of Nomination from a U.S.-based, CSIET-certified program
5. How much does membership cost? How often must dues be paid?

Each membership category has its own membership dues rate, which can be found in the respective applications. You can also refer to the Membership Dues Structure. Voting Exchange Program and School/District Membership dues are based on the number of students placed in the program during the previous academic year. The dues structure for these categories are also certified within the respective application. Dues are paid annually. Each membership cycle lasts from July 1st to June 30th of the following year. CSIET will send your program and invoice for membership on July 1st and programs will have a month to renew their dues before a late fee is applied.

6. Can you be refunded for membership dues?

Please review our Refund Policy.

7. Will my students be accepted based on my new CSIET membership?

The acceptance of the student is entirely at the discretion of the school or district.

8. Why should we apply for certification? What is the added benefit?

When a program applies for certification and passes the evaluation process, they appear with their description and contact information in the Advisory List for the coming academic year as “Certified Members” of CSIET, or in other words, “CSIET-certified.” The program will receive a CSIET logo and will appear in search results within CSIET’s Program Finder, which is used by students, schools, and host families looking for a safe and valuable international student exchange program.