Apply for CSIET Certification

The online application for certification is not available at this time. 

To facilitate a more streamlined process and to accommodate the needs of our program members, the CSIET Application for Certification must now be completed using our new online application form.

Your organization’s latest financial statement/financial audit (see requirements), along with any outstanding management letters (responses to reported deficiencies from the previous evaluation cycle) must be submitted via the online form. We recommend having these documents ready to upload before starting the application.

Important Dates:


  • January 1 : States Served and Countries Served Forms available for submission to CSIET
  • January 15 : Online Application, Financial Statement (see requirements) and Outstanding Management Letters Due
  • January 31 : By January 1, CSIET will prompt you for your organization’s overall student placements at which point you will fill out and send the Countries Served and States Served forms. Forms are due by January 31 at the latest.
  • February 28 : For F-1 & Outbound Programs Only: Compliance Audit(s) are due to CSIET via the link sent in the application confirmation email.

Evaluation Process & Support Materials