Corporate & CPA Memberships

Being a CSIET Corporate Member allows us to keep up to date with everything that is happening in the world of J1 and F1 High School Exchange. It also gives us an excellent forum to interact with current and potential partners. In fact, we were able to bring one new partner onboard via a CSIET recommendation only a week after becoming corporate members.

James Manning

Business Development Manager, TMG Soft (Zapp)

The CSIET Corporate Membership Program was established in response to increasing interest from commercial and business entities that work with the international youth exchange community. This membership program will provide business groups the opportunity to develop a formal relationship with CSIET members and to gain wider exposure for their products and services. By joining CSIET, Corporate Members will demonstrate significant support for CSIET, its 300 member organizations, and its purpose helping ensure safety and value for international exchange students, secondary schools and natural parents..*

*This type of membership applies to commercial and business entities based in the United States that work with the international youth exchange community. Corporate Membership does not imply endorsement by CSIET.

Benefits for Corporate and CPA Members: $1,245 Annually
  • Increased Visibility and Exclusive Opportunities to Promote Products and Services to All CSIET Members: Including mention of your business in the Advisory List 
  • Dedicated Corporate Member Pages: Including your company’s description and direct link to your website. Optional: CSIET Members can have the benefit of a discount code to your services via a unique code available only in our password-protected Member Center
  • Annual Promotional Emailing Service: Include a ‘Corporate Member Spotlight’ in CSIET’s monthly newsletter
  • One Yearly Webinar (optional): CSIET will promote a webinar hosted by your company to members once a year. This is a great opportunity for our program members to tune in and focus on learning about the products and services Corporate Members provide to specifically support international exchange program operations. 
  • Members Center section of CSIET’s website: Access links and resources exclusive to CSIET Membership, including:
    • CSIET Annual Statistics for J-1 and F-1 Visa Students
    • CSIET Member Directory
    • U.S. State & Association Policy Database
    • Scenario Roadmaps & CSIET Statements
    • Past Conference Presentations
  • Discounts on CSIET Annual Conference Exhibiting: Promote your services at CSIET’s Annual Conference with over 160 members of the international youth exchange community
  • CSIET Newsletter & E-mail Updates: Receive updates on trends in the exchange industry, new government regulations, changes to CSIET policies, and CSIET’s latest advocacy efforts
  • Eligibility to serve on CSIET Committees and Working Groups: Voice your ideas about exchange-related topics on one of CSIET’s committees or working groups
  • Advance digital copy of the Advisory List: Access detailed information about every program evaluated and certified by CSIET
  • Discount on bulk purchases of the CSIET publications: Enjoy savings when you order CSIET publications to distribute to colleagues or students

Additional Benefits for CPA Corporate Members

  • CPA Corporate Member Spotlight: For Corporate Members who are CPAs, CSIET will highlight CPA Corporate Members in a timely November Issue when Program Members are seeking CPAs the most – just before the evaluation cycle begins
  • Find a CPA Corporate Member Feature: CPA Corporate Members are included in the “Find a CPA” Module featured in the Member Center where Program Members have access to contact information and other members-only benefits
  • Referrals: When new programs ask CSIET for CPA recommendations, we will always send further information on our CPA Corporate Members

2019-2020 Corporate & CPA Membership Application