Membership is the first step toward becoming part of the CSIET high school international student exchange community. Learn about the many benefits of becoming a member and decide which category applies to you. Scroll down to learn about Exchange Organization, Individual/School Associate, Educational Organization, and International Associate Membership.

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  • Members Center section of CSIET’s website: Access links and resources exclusive to CSIET Membership, including:
    • CSIET Annual Statistics for J-1 and F-1 Visa Students
    • U.S. State & Association Policy Database
    • Scenario Roadmaps & CSIET Statements
    • Past Conference Presentations
  • Discounts on CSIET Annual Conference Registrations: Meet and exchange ideas with others who share your interest in international youth exchange
  • Access to Anne Klein Communications Group (AKCG): Prepare and respond to the issues and crises that impact your program’s reputation
  • CSIET Newsletter, Student Diplomat & E-mail Updates: Receive updates on trends in the exchange industry, new government regulations, changes to CSIET policy, and CSIET’s latest advocacy efforts
  • Eligibility to serve on CSIET Committees and Working Groups: Voice your ideas about exchange-related topics on one of CSIET’s committees or working groups
  • Advance digital copy of the Advisory List: Access detailed information about every program evaluated and accepted for Certification by CSIET
  • Discount on bulk purchases of the CSIET publications: Enjoy savings when you order CSIET publications to distribute to colleagues or students

Voting Memberships

Department of State Program Sponsor

Organizations designated by U.S. Department of State (DoS) to administer J-1 Visa student programs on the high school level and/or outbound programming. Learn More About DoS Designation

F-1 Program

Established U.S.-based companies or organizations that work with U.S. high schools to help administer F-1 Visa Student Programming.

SEVP-Approved School

U.S. high schools certified by the Student Exchange and Visitor Program (SEVP) to issue the I-20 form to enroll international students on F-1 Visas. Learn More About SEVP Certification

State Activities/Athletic Association

State associations and leagues that are governing bodies for U.S. high school interscholastic athletics and activities programs.

National Association

U.S. Nation-wide Associations

Associate (Non-Voting) Memberships

Individuals Interested in CSIET Resources

Individuals living in the United States who are interested in CSIET resources.

*Note to Representatives of U.S.-based Exchange Organizations and Commercial/Business Entities: CSIET’s Board policy states that an individual representing the head office of such organizations or companies will not be permitted to join CSIET as an individual member.

School Administrators

U.S.-based high schools interested in or currently conducting international exchange programming.

*Note: Schools must apply for the voting School/District category to take part in the evaluation process.

Non-U.S. Based Agency or Program

Non-U.S. based agencies partnered with CSIET-Certified programs to help recruit international students on J-1 and/or F-1 Visas in U.S. high schools.

Distinction between Membership and Certification: CSIET membership does not denote certification and inclusion in the Advisory List. Non-certified CSIET members may not promote themselves as being CSIET-certified, nor may they use the CSIET certification logo in promotional materials or on their websites. If a non-certified exchange program that is a CSIET member chooses to publicize its membership, it must always state that it is a Non-Certified Member of CSIET. This applies to websites, correspondence, program materials, and any other communication with schools, students, host families, athletic associations, or other interested parties. The CSIET Board of Directors has approved this policy and reserves the right to revoke membership if a program or organization claims certification status when such status has not been approved by CSIET.

Associate Membership: Overseas organizations and individuals are eligible for Associate Membership. Associate Members are entitled to all of the basic benefits of membership. The number of copies of the Advisory List provided varies for the different types of Associate Members.

Voting Membership: U.S.-based international youth exchange organizations, educational organizations, schools, and districts are eligible for Voting Membership. In addition to the basic benefits of membership, Voting Members are entitled to the following advantages as well:

  • Voting Rights: Vote on issues relevant to CSIET operations and policy; the individual designated as the primary contact on the CSIET membership application may vote at the CSIET Annual Meeting.
  • Eligibility to serve on the Board of Directors: Direct and monitor the future undertakings of CSIET as a member of the CSIET Board of Directors.