Administering Youth Exchange 3rd Edition: The U.S. High Schools' Guide on International Student Exchange
CSIET and the School Outreach Working Group are pleased to present the 3rd edition of Administering Youth Exchange Guide as a resource tool for U.S. high schools that work or are interested in working with international youth exchange programs.  This handbook will help you to better understand how international youth exchange programs operate, what you can expect of reputable exchange programs, and tips on making exchange students feel welcome in your school.
This publication is intended for principals and assistant principals, school administrators, guidance counselors, and for foreign language and social studies teachers. We intend it specifically as a resource tool for the individual in your school or school system, who is responsible for working with exchange students, but it also can serve as a reference guide for educators and administrators who take an interest in exchange and how it operates.  This resource is available for download in the Members Only section of the website: