Art Cover Design Contest

With over 140 entries of very talented international exchange students, it was extremely difficult to decide who would win this year’s contest. Congratulations to Roberta Paraschiv, an exchange student from Romania. Roberta is currently a 2019-2020 full academic year student in the U.S.A. through PAX- Program of Academic Exchange and the Laurasian Institution, a fully CSIET-Certified J-1 exchange organization. Congratulations, Roberta!

A note from the artist: “The idea that was at the core of my art piece was related to bonds and how we connect with each other. The blue fluid that swirls through all these kids is a representation of that bond. It represents water, the element that we find all around us. It is water, because it represents life and the power to create. Water is what connects us and bring us together. We are all separated by waters, oceans and seas, endless waters that somehow linked us all together. Because, we became water the moments when we stepped on that plane and left our countries. We are all so different, coming from lives that differ from one another in such a beautiful way. Our languages, families, homes and friends are different. But despite all these differences, we were brought together, linked to each other by the journey that the exchange year represents. Because, you see, water can also bring obstacles in one’s way, the same as the exchange year. And as we face obstacles in our way, we link our hands and bring each other up. We never let go, because the bond that unites us is stronger that everything. And I wanted to show in my artwork the unbreakable bond between us, and how we help each other, how we lift each other up so we can reach the top of the world. Because, our exchange year is a new life, that we began together.”

-Roberta Paraschiv
PAX- Program of Academic Exchange and the Laurasian Institution & FLEX Program

Thank you to all who participated in this year’s contest!

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2019 Winner

The CSIET 17th Annual Art Cover Contest winner Hana Pirovic, an exchange student from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hana is currently a 2018-2019 full academic year student in the U.S.A. through AFS Intercultural Programs -USA, a fully CSIET-Certified J-1 and Outbound exchange organization.

A note from the artist: “I was inspired by the new things I learned during my exchange year, all the wonderful people I’ve met, the adventures I had when I learned to step out of my comfort zone. I was motivated by the fact that this year truly changed my life in ways I couldn’t describe with words, but I tried to depict it through art. I believe every person should have the opportunity to do some type of exchange, as it is an irreplaceable, eye-opening experience that is unique to each and every person. Through exchange, we make international connections that are unbreakable, we make unforgettable memories and grow as individuals. I want to spread the word about exchange – living a different lifestyle, experiencing new cultures and teaching others about your own.”

– Hana Pirovic, 18
Bosnia and Herzegovina