School Resources

School Resources

Today, not only parents, but governments, businesses, and industries are depending upon America’s high schools to ensure that their graduates are internationally aware and inter-culturally competent and prepared to participate effectively in today’s diverse workplace and global marketplace. The stakes are high, as our nation’s security and standing in the world are riding upon our schools’ ability to prepare students to be citizens of the world. These demands are pervasive in every sector of society and international youth exchange programs can help your school meet these challenges.

To take advantage of the benefits of having international exchange students contribute to your school community, schools only need to open their doors to hosting and consider how to support and accredit the experiences of young Americans who go abroad. If you have any questions, CSIET is here to help.

Model School Policies:

Inbound Model School Policy

Outbound Model School Policy

CSIET member schools and exchange programs have worked together to design these documents to guide schools as they set their own policies on international youth exchange.

Administering Youth Exchange: Guide on International Student Exchange

A resource tool for U.S. high schools that work–or are interested in working with international youth exchange programs. Free for members through our Member Center

USDE Guidance

Information about exchanges that has been provided by the U.S. Department of Education.

Foreign Credits- Classbase

Free web site explaining educational systems worldwide – including grading systems.