Requirements for Certification of J-1 Programs

The CSIET Board of Directors and the CSIET Accreditation Committee have agreed on the following criteria for evaluation of J-1 high school programs:

  • Programs must be paid CSIET Members;
  • Programs must complete the appropriate Application for Certification and pay the associated application fees;
  • Programs must be bona fide Department of State designees, but cannot be a school/school district so designated by the Department of State;
  • Programs must inform CSIET if they:
    • cease operation
    • merge with or become acquired by another organization;
    • have/received sanctions by the US Department of State (including but not limited to letter of reprimand, probation, suspension, and/or forms reduction);
  • Programs that have received a greater sanction (suspension of program, loss of designation, a reduction of more than 15% of forms) by the Department of State in the year since the previous certification will be subject to further review by the CSIET Accreditation Committee;
  • Programs that have outstanding/pending/unresolved complaints with CSIET will be subject to further review by the CSIET Accreditation Committee;
  • Programs must reaffirm their commitment to CSIET Standards every year and comply with CSIET Standards and Department of State regulations;
  • Programs that did not meet one or more of the Requirements in the previous cycle must submit a management response addressing each deficiency and any corrective action taken to remedy that issue in order to receive a Full Listing status in the 2018-2019 Advisory List;
  • Programs that received a Conditional Listing status in the previous cycle must meet all requirements in the current cycle to receive a Full Listing status.  If a program with a previous cycle Conditional Listing status does not meet the requirements in the current cycle, they will be excluded from the Advisory List.  Any program that has not submitted a management response that meets the review of the Accreditation Committee will be subject to further review and may be excluded from the Advisory List.