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Hosted By: SEVP
Original Webinar Date: June 21, 2018
Webinar overview:
The webinar provides important information to ensure SEVP-certified schools remain in compliance with federal record keeping and reporting requirements:
  • Form I-20 and international student record keeping requirements.
  • Form I-17 and SEVP-certified school record keeping responsibilities.
  • The effect of SEVIS upload evidence functionality and the SEVP Portal on record keeping and reporting.
  • Resources to assist DSOs with school and student records.
This webinar provides record keeping and reporting reminders for both new and experienced DSOs.
Access the webinar:
You can access the recording of the webinar using the following link—

Webinar Archive

Below are snippets of webinars we have hosted in the past. The full recordings of these and other webinars like these can be accessed through the Member Center of our website.

AKCG Preserving Your Reputation Webinar

The first hour after a crisis hits is the most critical hour your organization will ever likely have to face. But how do you set the tone and move forward if you don’t have all the information? In this webinar, you will learn the principles that will help preserve your organizations reputation at the moment a crisis hits.

CSIET Social Media Crises

Operating in a social media world has the potential to be a powerful resource for student exchange programs, but it is not without its pitfalls. Criticisms, misinformation and rumors run rampant within the social media universe, and the way to respond and mitigate risk is rarely clear-cut. In this webinar, CSIET’s communications advisers will outline the fundamental principles of responding to rumors, misinformation or accusations brought through social media to help you build clarity and pave the way for a more effective strategy.

The Role, Responsibilities, and Techniques of an Effective Spokesperson

A good communicator is not the same as a good spokesperson. It is a distinction that could make all the difference in preserving your exchange program’s reputation when a crisis hits. As part of your member benefit, this free webinar from CSIET’s communications advisers will teach you the roles, responsibilities and techniques of becoming a spokesperson.